Victorian 9kt Yellow Gold Amethyst Ring, Sz. 6.75, 4.25 CTW


Victorian 9kt Yellow Gold Amethyst Ring, Sz. 6.75, 4.25 CTW. Often used as engagement or promise rings back in Victorian Days. Large light amethyst stone that is appx. 12mm by 9mm and appx. 4.25 ctw. Some light wear on the stone. 5 wide prongs, two on each side and one on each end, hold the stone. The ring is 7mm at the very base of the stone where the band joins the top of the ring and from there around the finger it is appx. 5mm. The ring was resized at some point and whatever jeweler did the repair - or a home jeweler - they did not use the correct solder. It is dark there but that is not a base metal that has worn through a layer of gold - it is the way it was resized. The joint is secure. This was looked at by a jeweler who tested the ring, as did I. It tests as 9kt, typical of Victorian. You will see how dark that spot is in the photos but it was cleaned a bit by the jeweler in looking at it and it is gold underneath but just a not-so-clean resizing was the diagnosis. Other than that, the ring is very nice, typical light wear on a stone that is appx. 120-140 years old. The upper shank of the band does have an engraved design. Not signed by the maker. (INV. W. 12321.11X SS6217 J ET LD 12/17/21).

Victorian promise rings were very common and used to declare feelings between two people. Amethyst is a gem too used for happiness, love, peace, affection, satisfaction, contentment. It was also used to give strength in certain situations.

In these earlier rings gold content was not made standard until the first decade of the 1900s. When older pieces are acid tested you often get ranges in gold depending on who made it and were it was made and the alloys used were not standard.

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